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About Us

Our Vision - Doing the work of the Evangelist! Our Purpose – Discuss Jesus is an innovative, evangelistic outreach ministry sponsoring Christian Street Evangelists and missionaries in the UK and Overseas to reach the hardest to reach countries Worldwide.

Our Focus - Reaching the unsaved through city-wide and local church outreaches in the UK and frontline outreach projects overseas.

Our Goals - Depending on God, we have the following goals:

  • To win as many young people and adults as possible to Christ.
  • To follow-up inquirers into local ministries for long term care and growth.
  • To mobilize the Church for action; by providing training and hands on outreach opportunities.

Tactical Goals

  • To reach all the UK counties with an outreach project.
  • To send outreach teams into each country in Europe and of the world.
  • To train nationals in each country of the world in how they can reach the unreached in their countries for Christ.

Discuss Jesus is unique because...


We target areas of 24,000 people and down. We look for pockets of people and develop specialized outreach projects for each area. We try to have the greatest impact for the least cost financially.
Advance time is less and follow-up time is faster. Our technique has a greater opportunity to be successful in incorporating the inquirers into local churches. We can get more people to listen and get more local Christian help focusing on these smaller areas.


We go to where the people are. We do not wait for them to come to us. In reaching youth we use youth, to adults we use special need events and programs to attract them. To reach the unreachable we go right onto their turf.


We want to clearly present the message of Christ to the lost and nurture the inquirers into local ministries for long term care and growth. We want to train and motivate the church in evangelism and church growth principles. We also want to inspire others to do the work of the evangelist.


When the truth of Christ is presented in power and in sincerity we see results. We have charted that it costs our ministry only one pound sterling to reach every person we have seen respond to our message. We intend by 2012 to have shared the Gospel with people in over forty countries and to have seen hundreds of thousands of inquirers respond to our proclamation of Jesus as Lord.