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Real Lives / Real Testimonies

Below are examples of testimonies from people we have influenced/work with:

Service Name

Testimony 1

Rev. F.O Hernandez of Faith Tabernacle Church of God, East London.

The Lord called me in 1966; I rejected the Lord and ran from him for 4 years. Then on 12 January 1970 I had my appendix burst; I was in the hospital for 3 weeks.

One day in hospital the Lord came to me, the bed I was laying on was fiercely shaking; next I had for the first time in my life a Near Death Experience where the Lord took me outside of my body. I said to him if he heals me I will serve him and that is why I do what I do today.

Service Name

Testimony 2

Bassan Morgan of Faith Tabernacle Church of God, East London.

I grew up in church, my dad was a pastor as a Christian I followed him all the way. Before I was born the Lord had a plan for me, this I believe was Christ’s decision.

The Lord has always been in control of my life. I have no doubt had challenges and they have been the jealousies and temptations of the world around, everywhere I go have always involved jealousy towards my life. But, I thank God for me today as I stated my life is Christ’s decision.

Service Name

Testimony 3

Jay Smith of All Souls Church, Oxford Circus and Leader of Hyde Park Christian Fellowship.

In a nutshell, I came to Christ as a young person after I attended a Billy Graham event and since then I have been going on strong.

During all difficulties what my philosophy has always been is to fall back on him, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Yes, of course, true Christians are being persecuted already, but we grow strong because of persecution. One thing we need to do as members of the body of Christ is to proclaim his name more, to do more evangelism and to tackle Islam.

Service Name

Testimony 4

Mark Dryud of

I was born into a small town, my parents got divorced whilst I was at a young age, so I grew up pretty confused and whilst in 6 grade, from the ages of 11, 12 and 13 I started getting involved in alcohol and having sex outside of marriage, having girlfriends and smoking marijuana from junior high once I reached around 14 years old; at this stage I started becoming very rebellious I got more involved in the Punk Rock and underground scene all through my high school years.
Later, I dropped out of high school and moved to an alternative high school where I graduated early, it seemed I just had a real void in my life and I saw the world as being very fake, I became very disillusioned with the system that we live in; I felt it was dead and dark I just wanted to change all this – so I got involved in activism and anarchism and within the political scene - I wanted to change society. My teenage years in a nutshell during high school was just full of lots of partying, lots of drugs and lots of living for me.
I moved to California and went on to finish photography school, during my time there I ended up in a relationship that ended really badly – I found myself later deeply depressed this was in 2001 I wanted to commit suicide, I was drinking alcohol heavily and I had overdosed on taking too much valium, I was remanded in hospital for depression and suicidal tendencies. 2 weeks later after being hospitalised my grandfather died in California, I was devastated and in pretty bad shape, I went to be there at my grandfather’s funeral in California, where my uncle had asked me to stay with my cousin who was on house arrest for attempted murder and through his circumstances he started going to a little church in Los Angeles, I used to give him lifts to church were we started talking and arguing about religion I let him know that I hated religion, because I felt it was all about hatred and division, corrupt wars and crusades and so I told him that was why I did not like religion. My cousin told me Christianity is different and he introduced me to a book by C.S Lewis called ‘Dear Christianity’, which began my further pursuit about what Christianity is, the validity of the bible and the historical Jesus. These things began to stir my mind that Christianity was different than I originally had thought, so eventually I went to church – I had a jaded view that church was all about taking peoples money and ongoing corruptions, but this church I went to was truly different, they just had something, there was a love they had, a joy and a teaching of the bible that really changed a lot of my misconceptions, so slowly I started going to this church more and more and after a prayer with the Pastor I eventually came to my senses that the scriptures were real and Jesus was real and that I had to give my life to him. From here life as a new believer, I endured a brief setback of backsliding from the faith where I was involved with a girlfriend yet again that ended really messy. After a personal re-evaluation of my life I rededicated my life to Jesus Christ and went to ministry school, Bible College and today I am now Pastor of a growing international church ministry – I truly am grateful and happy that I can stand here and say here I am today - Amen.

Service Name

Testimony 5

Seth Guthrie of

When I was aged 8 years old I gave my life to the Lord at a Wednesday night bible study in quite a big Church where the youth tended to stay together, where’d we play games to get our energies out on a typical day for the first half of the bible study, but then during the second half focus on the bible study.

On a particular Wednesday, a man led the study which was based on the Book of John chapter 15 and I felt the Lord just tug at me that there was something
there that I needed so I started a prayer to receive Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit into my life from then on I became saved. I did not get baptised until later, I got baptised when I was about 13 – 14 years old, but since then I had gone through about 4 - 5 years of rebelling against the Lord because I was terrified he called me to ministry, I was running away from my calling being still young at High School; it was a lot to do with my flesh and fear. But God today pulled me back to him 2 years ago and with that from the month of February 2009 he called me to do a fast, he called me to fast for 40 days from food and at first I was very against it, but then I went with it. Through this fast the Lord called me out not to finish my last Semester of College and with that God has touched me saying it’s not called faith unless you take a leap of faith trusting me, so I took the leap. Recently, I felt God had called me to come to London, so on September 11 I came to London with a backpack and a one-way ticket to purely do nothing but to help plant new churches and to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and so with that I came to London and have so far been here less than 3 months; I came to London with less than 50 dollars – 13 days later from my arrival here God provided $1300 dollars within a week, so the Lord is surely taking care of me.

What I’ve been doing here is helping start-up, they’ve been here 3 weeks before I got here and I found them purely by the Grace of God - 12 hours after I got off the plane and I’ve been with them, working with them and helping them out and being an evangelist bringing people to them, basically just sharing the Love of Christ. So in all what I’ve been doing is being obedient to his call. Amen.

I like to think I go where the Holy Spirit leads and part of that is going to Speakers Corner on Sunday and hanging out in Cafe’s or doing whatever – for me most importantly it’s all about preaching the Gospel because I believe the bible is alive and true, that what had happened then - is still true and that Jesus Christ changes lives and saves lives. About my time here in the UK I’m on a visitors Visa so I’m here until about March 2010 unless the Lord has further in store.

The challenges for me are in my dealings with those of Islamic faith at Speakers Corner, for us Christians it requires a lot of studying up on truly understanding our own beliefs, see trying to explain the trinity is the toughest thing to explain – as you know it is a tough topic, but Jesus was both man and God – biblically this is proved – as followers of Christ we’ve got to leave it up to the Holy Spirit to reveal to those who are unaware about the real truth of God coming in the flesh as Jesus Christ and dying on the cross for us. See we have to understand that we can’t control this, this is all Holy Spirit led. I give God all the praise I aim to preach Christ for as long as Christ wants me to do this since he is in control and as I’m working and helping out at to really touch souls, I pray for Christ to continue making the massive difference he has made in my life to this day. Amen.

Service Name

Testimony 6

David Brooker of Teen Challenge London, Team Leader

I work with the ministry of Teen Challenge, i’ve been with the ministry of Teen Challenge for almost 5 years now, but it was not always like that, I mean for over 20 years I suffered from drink and drug addiction and I battled with it for many years and I got caught up and I couldn’t see a way out of it at all and I lost so many wonderful things that was in my life, I lost a marriage, I lost the ability to be a father to my 3 children and slowly but surely, I was finding myself literally getting closer and closer to living on the streets.
I actually ended up in mental hospitals in the end for my drug addiction, not because I was mad but because I gave up living as I lost every thing that was close to me and dear to me. I just couldn’t see a way out but I praise God today because I have not always been a Christian I’ve been walking with the Lord now for nearly 5 years.

I had an encounter with God about 6 years ago, God brought a Christian lady to my path and she started speaking to me about a man called Jesus and I obviously knew who Jesus was but I really didn’t know anything about him I knew the name but that was about it – you see I’ve always been brought up to call myself a Christian and little did I know that was far from the truth that I was not a Christian and I was not walking God’s ways, I was caught up, but to me God was someone in the clouds, someone you’d pray to if you were desperate. You know I didn’t have a personal relationship with him on a day to day basis, anyway she started talking to me about Jesus and in my mind I wanted to tell her to get lost because to me at the time if there was a God; this would not happen or that wouldn’t have happened, my children would be fine, my marriage would be fine and I wouldn’t be ending up in mental hospitals. But you know when she was talking to me this lady, you know I was intrigued by what she was saying, because she was talking to me about a man called Jesus as if she actually knew him and that’s what caught my attention.

About a week later, I was lying in bed one night and I couldn’t take it anymore I mean I had so much guilt and shame about the way I had been in my life towards my family and everything else, I wanted to die that night and I just remembered what this lady had spoken to me about Jesus and I just remember that that night I was in so much despair, I just cried out the name Jesus and with that this overwhelming love just came all over me, it just poured all over me, which I know today is the Holy Spirit and I was being touched by God and you know for the first time in my life I knew God was real. You know my life never changed over night I must say because for a 1 year and half I carried on using drugs and living a rough life, but something had changed in me this conviction in me, every time I was doing wrong there was this conviction upon me and I just knew that I was changing inside but my lifestyle had not changed. About a 1 year and half later, the same lady who spoke to me about Jesus mentioned to me about a ministry called Teen Challenge and she said give them a call and so I gave them a call and I remember someone said to me they can offer me a place in their rehab centre, that it is a Christian organisation in Ilford a program which provides beds for 28 people and the program is free of charge and they specialise in helping people come off of drink and drug addiction and they teach that Jesus is the answer. What I knew was Jesus was the answer, but I did not have clue about how to get out of my mess and I didn’t know how Jesus wanted me to live my life and I remember someone saying to me at a time I was still riddled with cocaine addiction and alcoholism, they said why are you going to Teen Challenge and I didn’t even realise what I said at the time - I said I’m going to find out how God wants me to live my life and just cutting the long story short that was nearly 5 years ago - today I haven’t had a drink or a drug for 5 years and today I go out on the streets of London 3 nights a week to evangelise and just to share the love of Jesus with the lost and the broken hearted.

I’d say 90% of the homeless people that we work with all have drink or drug problems and I’m just a living testimony of what God is doing in these peoples lives so it just gives me the opportunity to go out and to share the love of Jesus and just to share my testimony with people and to tell there is an answer and what God has done for me he wants to do for them also.

Today, God has completely restored my relationship back with my children, I have a wonderful relationship my children respect me, before I used to wake up every morning wishing I would not wake up, but today I wake up and I’m so thankful to God that there is another day of joy and peace and a chance just to go out and share the Gospel to people you know because the kingdom of God is a real place, it’s a place God wants to have everyone come and share with him and the only way to come into the kingdom of God is through Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the gateway in the book of John 14 verse 6 Jesus says, ‘I am the way, the truth and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me’. I just give God all the glory for what has happened to me, I give God all the glory for all that he has done in my life.